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Do yourself a favour and ignore the cover (of the 2013 edition). Whoever those guys are supposed to be, they certainly aren’t Sin and Callum.Okay, to get this out of the way: this is not an amazing book; in fact it’s utterly simplistic and predictable. But damn if it isn’t cute.Very much insta-something. Lust for sure. Love, maybe – or close enough anyway. It fits since this is not the most serious or likely story to begin with. Just plain fun.Because pretty much every single conflict is resolved right away, there’s hardly any tension. However, it also means it’s an entirely safe read. Need to take your mind off the stress in your life? Here you go.This is just such a nice book. Nothing complicated, nothing drawn out, lots of devotion. A really simple story with all the stereotypical elements, and yet cute and satisfying regardless.Nothing fancy about the writing either, but perhaps there doesn’t need to be with a simple story like this.I’m happy to say that the revised edition got rid of a lot (although not all) of the sloppy copy-editing. The first version really was atrocious in that regard (grammar, spelling, sentence fragments, slight discontinuity and even alternate names for people). So nice to see progress!Comparing the two versions now, I see quite a bit of smoothing overall, and it definitely lifts the experience.Callum’s a total sweetheart and Sin definitely improves by going totally gaga over him. Neither storyline nor constellation is anything new with the author but she does her thing so well that I am enjoying it anyway. Big, bossy top, getting wrapped around the surprisingly effectual bottom’s little finger. It’s fun to watch Callum whip Sin into shape.I like how Callum doesn’t make a fuss about being protected (such a sensible guy, the opposite of TSTL), yet does not allow people to run all over him if it’s unreasonable. He’s just the perfect mix of humble and vulnerable – and his own man, efficient, smart and so very much underestimated. I adore his way of expressing affection by cooking for people.I’ll admit that some of my amusement may have been unintentional. For example, I was entertained by the idea that the “heat” of a handshake indicates sexual interest. Am I supposed to picture elevated body temperature here or really vigorous shaking? XDBut then we have the intentional funny as well.Sin thought it would be better to hunt the guy down and kill him, but Callum’s idea was probably the most socially acceptable option of the two.Sin’s not the only bloodthirsty one in this, either. Things might be interesting in the next volume, which will be new to me.Of course, there’s a huge dollop of stupid in the fact that (view spoiler)[despite Callum’s stalker threatening Sin, everyone only thinks about protecting Callum. Said stalker-dude is also a perfect cliché. There’s just no way he could be more of a stereotypical crazy, murdering stalker. Stupid, too (hide spoiler)]

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